Quality management system

Quality management policy

The continious quality assurance of our product is required to guarantee our position and competivity on the local and international markets. The ability of satisfying the customer must be our dailly objectiv.

The quality of the products is the final result of all employees´ activities. From this point of view, each workers´ main interest must be to well perform each activity.

Fullfilling quality policy, it is documented, implemented, maintained and the Quality management system is continiously improved according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2009. The system is improved, formulating quality targets under surveillance of the top management, which assures resources for obtaining this targets.

To highlight the importance of quality and fullfilling quality policy focussed on the customer, the management declares these princips, which are the basic tasks of quality assurance:

  • The basic vision of the company is to be an optimal, coveted business partner and supplier in a production scope of metal furniture, storage racks and safes, which creates a feeling of certitude with its customers and  the staff members of the company.
  • The management totally identifies with the basics  of the norm CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, with its princips it is an effective method of continious improving of managing processes influencing the quality of the products.
  • The management unceasingly creates the necessairy organizational, human and financial resources for maintaining, developping and constantly improving the QMS.
  • The main goal is to always advance our activities and assure quality management and such our productas well.
  • A considerable contribution on creating quality of the products and maintaining the QMS comes from our subsuppliers, therefore we create a continious and active cooperation to elucidate bilateral requirements of the furnished products.
  • The management creates corresponding conditions for the education of the company´s employees in the scope of quality management and increasing of the production quality.
  • All employees of the enterprise will meet the requirements of the QMS and legislatives with a focus on a preventive approach in this matter.
  • The enterprise engages in a frame of technical and economical possibilities to minimalisme the emergence of waste materials and emmisions, as well as controlling material entries but also technological procedures avoiding wastage of raw materials and energies.
  • The enterprise honors teamworks. In this way, more experience, profesionality and invention of our employees is reflected.
  • We communicate openly, honestly and responsably. We take care of cultivating good customer but also employee relationships. We endeavour confidence and satisfaction of both customers and employees.
  • The QMS is the main engine of  quality improvement and effective use of operational costs.
  • By means of a satified customer, we assure the prosperity of the whole enterprise.
  • The company is aware that, the succes of our activities depends on production efficiency and inceasingly abiding of strict quality requirements. At the same time, however we do not forgot about safety, meeting prescribed limits for envirronement, which are relevant for all employees of the company.
  • When outsourcing, the company engages to prioritise cooperation with partners that have a QMS implented according to ISO 9001:2009. Partners without a QMS will be screened through customer audits.
  • The company engages to continiously improve its System of Workplace safety and fire prevention, to decrease risks of accidents on the workplace but also labour diseases and any other emergencies by active prevention.

Therefore the company engages to continiously improve and increase efficiency of all activities, processes and product quality, inceasingly maintain legal directives through al its activities, support quality policy and toghether with employees in a teamworking way fullfill it. Regularely investigate on the eligibility and proporcionality of the qulity policy in an actual situation.

Lets´ obtain this way, that a satified customer returns instead of erroneous products.