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Electronic RFID-Lock RJ1905

Kč3,747 Tax excl. / Kč4,534 TAX included

Electronic RFID-Lock RJ1905



The RFID lock RJ1905 (13.56 MHz) is, like its brother, the PIN-CODE lock RJ1904, a battery-operated, mains-independent (stand-alone) lever lock for locking cabinets and valuables compartments of all kinds.
Installation and dimensions, battery and battery access, deadbolt, service key, the entire mechanical construction is identical to the PIN-CODE lock RJ1904.
The same applies to the variety of functions. Numerous adjustable functions and operating modes for private and public applications are available.
Programming the locks is as easy as can be using the NFC transponders supplied, which can be provided with master functions by means of an NFC-enabled smartphone and a free app. The RJ1905 RFID lock is a read/write system in which information is also transferred from the lock to the transponder.
In public mode, for example, this ensures that only one transponder can be used to lock one lock at a time (busy detection). Furthermore, information such as locker or compartment numbers can be written to the transponder during locking, which can then be read out from the transponders using a smartphone if required.
In private mode, up to 8 transponders per lock can be taught-in and removed again.
Since the RFID lock RJ1905 is always in sleep mode and has to be woken up by pressing a button for each interaction with a transponder, the energy consumption is similarly low to that of the PIN CODE lock RJ1904. Depending on the operating mode, more than 80,000 locking cycles with a single standard 1.5V AA alkaline battery.
RFID lock RJ1905 with its transponders represents a closed system that only works with the transponders certified and initialised by us (13.56 MHz Mifare Ultralight). This makes RJ1905 the first choice wherever locks and transponders are needed that harmonise perfectly and without interference. Cards, tags or wristbands are available as transponders.
Further RFID lock versions that also support non-system transponders will follow.

Made in Germany


 ·     Closed RFID locking system 13.56 MHz (Mifare Ultralight)

·     Private and public applications

·     Read / Write system (busy detection / cabinet number)

·     NFC transponders available in card, tag or wristband form and quickly and flexibly programmable to master or user transponders

·     AUTO-UP-TIMER to avoid permanent reservation available in public mode

·     LED and sound signals

·     Factory reset possible

·     Retrofittable (standard mounting 16×19)

·     Battery operated and mains-independent (stand alone)

·     Mechanical service cylinder for emergency opening

·     Low maintenance and environmentally friendly LOW ENERGY SYSTEM(approx. 80,000 closing cycles with a single standard commercial battery)*

·     Battery: 1x 1.5V AA (standard alkaline manganese cell)

·     The battery can be changed quickly and easily from the front with the door closed using the service key, without the need for any additional tools and while retaining all settings.           

·     Additional fastening options for wood, HPL and glass doors

·     Control panel removable by means of service key, e.g. for battery replacement, programming or cabinet transport

·     Direction of rotation R/L selectable for left or right doors

·     Extensive choice of bolts

·      Ready for installation as delivered incl. deadbolt, fixing material and battery


Data sheet

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