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Serrure électronique PIN CODE RJ1904

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Serrure électronique PIN CODE RJ1904


La description

The PIN-CODE lock RJ1904 is a battery-operated, mains-independent (stand-alone) lever lock for locking cabinets and valuables compartments of all types.
With the standard mounting designed for 16x19mm door holes, it is also ideal for retrofit purposes. Other mounting options, such as in wooden doors, round off the applicability.
The electronics offer numerous adjustable functions and operating modes for private and public use, freely selectable master and user codes, busy indicator and AUTO UP TIMER in public mode, battery warning, and much more. Operation and programming are supported by optical and acoustic signals. Our main focus during development was on efficiency and ease of maintenance. A finely tuned system of mechanics, electronics and software that, depending on the operating mode, allows more than 100,000 closing cycles with a single commercially available 1.5V AA alkaline battery, is a result that not only keeps maintenance costs extremely low, but also protects the environment. Despite the variety of functions and the very long battery life, we have equipped 1904 with an additional mechanical locking cylinder with service key, which has a special significance in addition to an ultimate emergency opening function.
When the time comes to change the battery, the manager can look forward to the next highlight: the control panel and battery can be removed quickly and discreetly from the front using a service key without having to open the cabinet door. No additional tools and no unscrewing or unscrewing of the lock is required. Battery changes thus become a matter of seconds. While retaining all codes and settings, of course.
However, the patent-pending coupling system offers even more advantages. For example, programming or reprogramming does not necessarily have to be carried out at the cabinet, but can be done conveniently at a separate location. This is an enormous advantage, especially for low compartment cabinets, where the locks are often located at knee height. When transporting cabinets, removing the operating parts can save the crucial millimeters to make room for an additional row of cabinets on the loading area. The RJ1904 PIN-CODE lock is the first in a series of electronic locking systems that we will be launching on the market in the foreseeable future.


Electronic PIN-CODE-lock

Retrofittable (standard mounting 16x19)

Battery operated and mains-independent (stand alone)

Mechanical service cylinder for emergency opening

Low maintenance and environmentally friendly LOW ENERGY SYSTEM(approx. 100,000 closing cycles with a single standard commercial battery)*.

Battery: 1x 1.5V AA (standard alkaline manganese cell)

Battery change by means of service key simply and quickly from the front with the door closed, without additional tools and while retaining all settings.

6-digit freely selectable master code

4-digit freely selectable user code

Different private and public modes

Busy display in public mode

AUTO UP TIMER to avoid permanent reservation available in public mode

LED- and sound-signals

Factory reset possible

Additional fastening options for wood, HPL and glass doors

Control panel removable by means of service key, e.g. for battery replacement, programming or cabinet transport

Direction of rotation R/L selectable for left or right doors

Extensive range of bars

Ready for installation as delivered incl. latch, mounting material and battery


* Dependent on operating mode, battery quality and without taking into account self-discharge occurring over the years


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